The Urban Solar Garden will be a City-owned, centralized solar array allowing local residents, businesses and non-profit organizations access to renewable energy “Made in New West for New West”.


Program Background

The Urban Solar Garden is a centrally located and community-owned solar array that will generate local renewable energy for the benefit of subscribers within New Westminster.

The solar photovoltaic (PV) array will be up to 50 kW in size and interested local residents, businesses and non-profit organizations can voluntarily subscribe to a portion of the electricity generated from the array.  Electricity generated from the array is credited back to the subscriber’s electrical utility bill annually in proportion to their investment, for up to 25 years.

The Urban Solar Garden provides many benefits to those who are interested in local renewable energy:


Accessible Solar Energy

Participants do not need to install their own solar PV system to use solar energy.


Long Term Savings

As grid electricity rates rise over time, so does the value of energy savings for participants year after year.


No Maintenance Fees

Operation and maintenance of the solar array will be handled by the City, and participants will not need to pay for maintenance or repairs.



Participant subscriptions can be transferred if they move within the New Westminster Electrical Utility service area.


Local leadership

Participants are involved in a signature community project that demonstrates leadership in energy and environment.

Public engagement and feedback during the City’s initial outreach confirmed that the local community was interested in pursuing the development of a solar PV array with the following responses provided via survey:


had considered installing solar panels on their roof


would participate in a community energy project because of environmental benefits


believe developing local, renewable energy is important

Building on this public interest, the City launched a Pre-Sale Subscription period where interested participants had the option of completing an application form and submitting a $500 per-panel deposit to reserve up to ten solar panels in the future array.  To date, 100% of the 150 panel solar array have been reserved.

City staff has now been instructed by City Council to proceed with finalizing the location for the rooftop solar array and develop vendor bid specifications, installation and commissioning requirements with the objective of having the Urban Solar Garden fully operational by Summer 2018.

Clean Energy

Made in New West,

For New West

Project Timeline

What the Community is Saying


"I think this is an amazing and innovative idea. Proud to be in a City that is forward thinking in generating solar energy."

“I support this initiative and think that the City's efforts to move towards renewable power are commendable and should be supported.”

“Great Idea! Keeping sustainability accessible is really important - engage/work with/low income people.”

“What a super project. Yet another progressive move (OCP, Fibre-optic) that makes me proud of the 'New' New West. Sign me up.”


The following documents including literature, presentations and reports on the Urban Solar Garden is provided for those interested in learning more about this exciting initiative.

Information Sheet

This flat sheet outlines the project summary

FAQ Sheet

A document outlining the Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Agreement

PDF copy of the subscription agreement


PDF presentation from Public Information Session 1


PDF presentation from Public Information Session 2

Council Report

Access Council agenda package with Staff Report