High Performance New Home

To encourage the design and construction of ultra-low energy homes, Energy Save New West is actively engaging with the local community in effort to raise awareness and educate homeowners, builders and design professionals on the features and benefits of High Performance New Homes.

On Saturday, May 9th, the City of New Westminster hosted a successful public learning event at the Anvil Centre with informative presentations, inspired speakers and showcased leading-edge projects designed to build local demand and interest in high performance homes as a result.

A copy of the Program Overview and Speaker Presentations can be access through the links provided:

Special thanks to event sponsors BC Hydro, FortisBC and Vancity for your support!

ENERGY STAR New Home Challenge

Are you looking to build a comfortable home that saves on energy bills? BC Hydro and FortisBC are proud sponsors of the ENERGY STAR® for New Home challenge for local builders in City of New Westminster.

  • Valued at $750 per home, the first TWO (2) homes built to the new ENERGY STAR® new home standard will receive a FREE EnerGuide for Homes evaluation and rating.

On average, homes built to the new ENERGY STAR® for New Home standard are 20% more efficient than homes built to code. Plus, homeowners get added benefits of improved comfort, healthier indoor air quality and built in savings year after year.

What Is a High Performance New Home?

Low Energy

Igloos utilized compact design and an airtight shell to become one of the first energy-efficient homes.

Did you know that ultra low energy homes can be designed to reduce energy costs by 90%?


A warm blanket on a comfortable bed is a great place of happiness.

Did you know a high performance home delivers improved comfort too?


Creating attainable goals will help you reach them.

Did you know that the latest generation of ultra low energy homes are affordable and within reach?

Low Impact

You can make a big difference in the environmental impact you have.

Did you know a high performance home will too?

Why Build a High Performance Home?

Encouraging the development of ultra-low energy homes supports the City of New Westminster’s vision to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions and improve the energy efficiency of new buildings. In addition, the City of New Westminster recognizes the importance of collaboration and engagement with local residents and builders to educate and raise awareness of leading-edge design, construction practices and building systems to help realize the environmental and economic benefits associated with high performance buildings.

Homeowner Benefits

Save Money & Energy: Energy-efficiency technologies and energy conservation measures reduce energy bills and support sustainability. In many cases, upfront investment can be recouped with the homeowner saving money from ongoing operating costs.

Improved Comfort & Air Quality: Enjoy better indoor air quality, resulting in a more comfortable and healthier living environment.

Durability & Resale Value: Better construction materials and installation practices creates home durability and means less work and expense to maintain the home properly. Green homes have a higher resale value and are on the market for less time than comparable conventional homes. *

Builder Benefits

Increase Market Share: Broaden interest in the homes you build by meeting growing demand for more energy efficient green homes that save homeowners money.

Recognition: Bolster your company’s reputation and become a market leader through recognition as a progressive green builder.

Competitive Advantage: Building high performance homes complements the new energy requirements of BCBC 9.36 and gives builders an edge to stay ahead of new building code requirements.

* University of Berkeley: “The Value of Green Labels in California Housing Market”